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shepard: jessica has a baby on the way, and a rogue car hit her. imagine a horse. is worse. neil: these are even worse. >> this mob activity is straight from the playbook of high-level political operatives. they have no plan to move our country forward, so they have called out the mob. neil: man, oh, man, and mob. democrats on top getting very rough. it a party advertisements as they are not really tough at all, and is about health care, but no health care. a protester is here, and she is so angry, she may need your own health check just to calm her down. she is from pennsylvania and a member of the libertarian thomas jefferson club.
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she was at the philadelphia health-care event with arlen specter and health and human services director kathleen sebelius. joining us on the telephone is david king, he is an independent voter, and he says this is not about our country. what do you think about that? "part of a mob"? >> yes, it is an excited 'mob." yes, we are all going politicians, and we are all out of our conference sons to do that, which we are all booing -- we are all booing politicians. neil: did anybody put you up to this? >> of course not, neil. it was me and my colleagues and us sitting around the kitchen table, neil, saying, "you know, they are taking away our
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country." we are not going to be beside the majority anymore. we are going to fight for our freedom. -- we are not going to be the silent majority. neil: human and acted up once you were there, but you did not create the forum and then have the health-care officials come, so when you heard about the event, a, what made you go, and what about the idea that there were "plants" or people who were going to try to sabotage the event? >> mea, i did not see any sabotage. we took the train. it rained that day -- neil, i did not see any sabotage. it took a lot to get there. i can tell you one thing. there were three rows of reserved seating, and those were not for us, not for the people against nationalized health care. neil: who were they for? >> they were 40 acorn. -- for
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the acorn. for the seiu. one man sat there on the assault on the entire time and did not answer an entire question. -- he sat there on his cell phone the entire time. he should be representing his constituents, who were heavily represented there. neil: ok, david is on the telephone. i know you have not been to one of the events of light -- one of these events like ana went to, but what do you think? >> i feel that a lot of times, when they tried to put something on you, they always use the victim mentality, you know? they use the mentality of a victim and saying, "we are trying to do good for you, and
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you on the two look at this, because it is going to benefit you," but the problem is, they will really not release the bill to the public to see what was really going on, and as i look at the bill, not only am i mad, but i am starting to pass it out to other people so they can see the stuff that is in there. all right, well, we should explant, david -- neil: all right, well, we should explain, david, you are not a radical, political and man, just someone who got riled up about this -- political young man. >> i tell people all the time that i am not a republican, and i am not a democrat. i say i am a ccc, and that stands for a "crazy, conservative christian." when i looked on page 30, where
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it's at their record to be a government committee -- where it said there is going to be a government committee for treatments, that is scary. neil: we should stress that at a lot of the events, and we were not acted when you're at in its entirety -- obviously, the media focuses -- we were not at the one you're at in its entirety. they clearly did not seem familiar. then, it got heated. can you explain how that went? >> that is right, neil. i will give you an example, for instance. kathleen sebelius was asked whether there was going to be abortion funding or the funding for assisted suicide in this bill, and she stood there and said that she cannot answer this question because it is not part of for job description.
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she is not a member of congress. well, guess what? if she is not here to protect americans, then what is her job? so, yes, things got pretty heated after that. neil: some in the house and senate that characterized not only these events and folks like you who have been to them or might go to them but the tone of the protests, first nancy pelosi and the harry reid. >> -- and then harry reid. >> we are going to do health- care reform. in spite of the loud, shrill voices trying to interrupt town- hall meetings and just throwing a monkey wrench into everything. neil: you do not seem very loud, and you do not seem very shrill, ana. >> i am very mad about this.
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they are supposed to be representing us. i will say this again here today. washington, d.c., has become the district of corruption, and we are going down the same path of latin america. neil: all right, we will watch what happens. i want to thank you, david, and i want to thank you, anana, ani want to remind you, if you do not get the fox business network, you should demand it. poorly chosen words? the democratic congressman of california. congressman, you are a smart man. -- a democratic congressman of california. there is no way those lasted two guests are mob like. >> there are places where they have been mobbed like. there are places where they are not. -- where they have been mobbed
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like -- mob like. when you see the threats to the safety of the family of our colleagues, when you see the hanging in effigy of one of your colleagues, then you have to understand that there are places in this country where there is an attempt to intimidate members of congress. there are attempts to stop civic discussion and to prevent town halls from going forward on an orderly basis, and that is because the opponents of this plan simply have no good ideas, but they can always screaming, and they can always threatened. -- they can always scream and they can always threaten. neil: the people being questioned know little or anything -- they get upset, because of a sudden, they say they want to fix health care, but we do not think your fix is the fix, and then everybody gets
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their hair up and says, "well, then you are against progress." i think that is what these guys resent, huh? >> well, to be upset with the health-care plan or to be upset with what you perceive to be the lack of articulateness of one of the speakers, that is one thing, but to put someone in effigy -- neil: that is not what i am talking about. i want to assure a year when people get upset when they think their elected leaders and think they are dodging them -- i just want to assure you when people get upset. -- i just want to assure you. >> i do not have a tv. -- i want to show you. >> when you have a bill, and we have a lot of them, i take my
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entire staff, and we divide up the bill. we have to make judgments very fast. we give about -- neil: they were upset. look. you are dealing with 1000 pages plus of legislation. we would like you to be on top of it. maybe the senator was giving a person with an explanation about why he may not be able to do, congressman, but on this network and on the fox business network, you can handle tough questions. you do not get our agitated about it, but i think the response you're getting from other democrats is, "oh, that is an la." does this it -- "oh, that is a mob." >> there are no dumb questions,
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but when you come to a town-hall meeting, and, obviously, i could not see that because i do not have atv here, but there are some places where they are not able to give an answer -- i do not have a tv here. it is not like a few seconds of spontaneous groaning. neil: i know, i know, sir, but yet been going on for about one minute try to justify not reading a bill himself. i am just saying. a lot of people -- i do not know about you, but people are talking about rome is burning mad. republicans do this, too. you dismiss these silly masses with their torches' and their protest. -- with their torches and their protests.
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"we are pissed." >> it is one thing to go to a meeting, and it is another thing to prevent the speaker from answering by screaming or by doing things for several minutes. neil: they get a little over emotional because they save their fortunes slipping away, and they see their health-care slipping away. here is what i am stating. we now have a quinnipiac pol pot that shows a majority of americans do not like where this is going -- and a quinnipiac poll. they believe is going to worsen that by a substantial portion. you may call that an old frankenstein movie, but that is real. that is not mob nuttiness.
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that is like them saying, "hello? stop." >> because they are angry, you can justify it. you can say they are good americans, but good americans who are very strongly, they prevented the speaker from speaking by disrupting in, that is not a town hall. that is a mom -- by disrupting him. neil: you are a good man, congressman. you know that they are not answering. you know that the politicians are punching on this, and the americans are saying -- >> what you are saying is it is fine for a group of people to decide whether they do not like what the speaker is saying, too rushed the stage -- bill: no, i told you that was not right -- to rush the stage. neil: no, i told you that is not
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute neil: well, quit clunking around and bring the cash for clunkers to a vote. the program was a way to get gas guzzlers off of the road, but check out the guzzlers that are on the list to buy and get on the road. the hummer pickup truck, the chevy suburban, the gmc yukon. these are not ones that you would think our fuel efficient. this is one reason that a senator from oklahoma will be voting no. senator, where does this stand in terms of its extension?
4:18 pm
>> they have the votes to bring this bill through, so there is no reason to use parliamentary procedures to slow it down. we cannot stop it, but, neil, there is an interesting -- if you go to, you will see that the average cost for every car that would have not been treated in that is traded in is about $45,000. it is a pretty interesting commentary by the people who are one of the leaders in terms of the analysis of the automobile market. neil: one of the things to justify that, even if it is true, and is hard to dispute on this, but cars are moving again, and that is what they say. what do you say? >> i think it is a fiscal stimulus. it is a fairly unfair one, because if you need a washing machine at home but you do not
4:19 pm
need a car, the government is going to win power to buy a car but not empower you to buy a washing machine -- the government is going to empower you to buy a car. neil: but it is a gift that is going to keep giving. >> no, it is not. neil: the $2 billion extension. you are going to get that? >> the $2 billion will become $6 billion by the time my kids pay it off. it this time next year, we are going to have $13.60 trillion worth of debt, and that has no comparison to what the unfunded liabilities are. neil: i understand, sir, but i want to go back to this cash for clunkers program. much to your chagrin, if it is extended, will it be extended again? will they keep finding it? >> well, i think they will have
4:20 pm
the momentum to keep doing it and keep doing it and keep doing it. it is kind of ironic. we are going to take money from taxpayers to entice people to buy cars from companies that the taxpayers already own that they have not paid off, and i will also note that over 50 percent of those cars are not american made. neil: that is a whole other wrinkle for all other show. what washington will not say that ronald reagan's top economist well, next. (announcer) this is nine generations of the world's most revered luxury sedan. this is a history of over 50,000 crash-tested cars... this is the world record for longevity and endurance. and one of the most technologically advanced
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neil: the white house says it is not happening. taxes on the middle class are not going up. according to robert gibbs, most
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taxpayers are in the clear. art laffer says he is clearly wrong. taxes are going up. they have to. a lot. the former reagan economic adviser is joining me right now. you are saying it is inevitable. explain. >> it is inevitable. you just had two on in the few minutes, which are the health- care bill, and then you have the cash for clunkers, and you have all of these freebies given away. they will have to raise taxes and raise them a lot. i watched larry summers and timothy geithner. the tax increases were on the table, and they are considering them. if you look at the energy bill, that is a huge increase. you know, there are taxes in your future, in my future, and everybody else's future, and they are going to be a lot higher. neil: either the administration
4:25 pm
was telling him, "let's gather around is now," , or maybe they want to get more from the rich, but you are saying this is a zero sum game. >> it is even worse. it is a negative sum game. there is an official document. if tax rates are lower, the top 1% pay more in taxes, not less in taxes as a share of gdp. they are the only group in america that pays more in taxes when tax rates are lowered, so if you're going to raise taxes on the top 1%, you are going to collect a lot less money. if you play that film back, neil, you are going to get less results. neil: some say that everybody is getting screwed, but you said that is not the case. >> that has nothing to do with getting tax is. when kennedy collected taxes,
4:26 pm
their rich pay more in taxes. when collidge cut tax rates, the rich paid a lot of taxes. when reagan cut taxes, the rich pay a lot of taxes. that is what happens. they will pay a lot less in taxes, and when i say a lot less, i mean a lot less. the top 01% wind from paying about 18% of all of the income taxes in the united states from 1980 to pay about 42% of all of the taxes in 2007 -- the top 1% went from paying about 18%. neil: you are saying you have to get, you know, a lot of money from a lot of places, and maybe the simplest way to eye and down the road is a national sales tax? or how would you explain it? >> a national sales.
4:27 pm
i am sorry for being of twos, but that would be a great way to collect taxes -- i am sorry for being optimistic i would like to see the progressive income tax and eliminated -- i am sorry for being optimistic -- koppe joost -- obtuse. and a story. jerry brown is no right winfrey. believe me. neil: -- is no white--- jerry brown is known righ-wing freak. neil: week and a rise in income taxes, and we get at the rising sales taxes and to cut down on the deduction, increase taxes, so that is where i see this pony leading. >> you are right.
4:28 pm
there are going to try to raise every tax began. they are in desperate shape. because they are spending like drunken sailors -- they are going to try to raise every tax they can. the cash for clunkers. you are not going to get a good economy. by 2011, neil, this economy is going to be like a train that goes off of its tracks. if you up problems that go a long time, and they need revenue, they are going to scramble for it as fast as they can. neil: you say we're going about this the wrong way, all right? >> a very much so. neil: how so? >> because this is not the way to contain costs. the way to contain costs is to put the individual in charge of what he or she spends. when you go into the store, and you see something that is too expensive, you decide not to buy it or to postpone it or to buy less of it. but here, you walk into a
4:29 pm
doctor, and you that no constraints. if you have separated the customer from the product, and believe me, when you do that, prices go up, and they go up dramatically. what we have done in this country is make people less and less responsible for spending their health-care dollars, and if you want to know why it has gone up so much, that is the reason why, plain and simple. these guys can not contain costs, and when they find that it goes up, what do you do? do you really want your doctor is to be government employees? you know? and i had this thing with a man with his blog. it is the silliest thing i have ever heard. if you like the dmv and the post office, you are going to like nationalized health care. neil: you are talking about paul clubman -- klugman. there you go. that is the debate right there. art laffer, a great seeing you
4:30 pm
again. >> thank you very much, neil. neil: man, oh, man. while the white house is doing to out those who are not in on the health care plan. and a company. ♪ well i was shopping for a new car, ♪
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neil: you know, there is an old- line on wall street that if you want a harbinger about how
4:34 pm
things are going, see how the media is doing, because if things are picking up for them, then maybe that is a precursor for the economy. hence, an interest in my company, parent company, news corp., which not only owns this fine, august news corp. but also "the wall street journal" and other things that i could go on and on about. revenues were a tad better than expected. it is what rupert murdoch's described as a challenging environment. revenue is $7.67 billion, versus $7.63 billion, and the cable operation is doing well -- it is what rupert murdoch has described as a challenging environment. without neil cavuto, we would not be doing nearly so well. ok. just wanted to see if you're paying attention. anyway, news corp. up slightly
4:35 pm
better than expected. all right, remember when the auto ceo's got reamed for flying to washington on private jets? these are going to be used to shuttle members of congress and other government officials around. the son of ron pollack joins me right now. he is also going to be making a rather big announcement on this show. -- the son of ron paul joins me. >> i want to say my congressman flying coach and waiting like everybody else to get on the plane. i think everyone is offended by that. remember the congressman from new york? he then ran an advertisement with red lights of a, saying, "your congressman has been flying to paris and rio the janeiro -- with red lights on
4:36 pm
it, saying, "your congressman has been flying to paris and rio the janeiro -- rio de janeiro." i am here to formally announce i am running for the u.s. senate as a republican in kentucky. we had made plans to make our announcement, because it had become uncertain if he had -- i think the debt is consumed us, and i see career politicians on both sides, republicans and democrats. look, when we were in charge, we did not do a very good job, and now, the democrats are in charge, and is three times worse. instead of having a career in something else, a career in politics, and what they have to do is get reelected, so what they do is vote for the special interests, and it is a self-
4:37 pm
perpetuating cycle, and that is what the deficit explodes. neil: your dad is a prominent congressman. and you may be a bigger cheese than he is. your dad has criticized what it takes just to get elected in the system. >> right. neil: you're going to have to raise a lot of money. >> conservative or liberal, when you asked the media or a deep public, "is money corrupting the system," everyone says yes. but it is always, "he has raised this," or, "he has raised that." it is not really the money so much. it is the people are getting something special from government. people who did billion-dollar contracts. neil: they tend to be rewarded. you are going to tell me, you are the guy who is going to say,
4:38 pm
"i am not the guy bringing home the bacon." >> i think mccain-feingold was wrong. it is illegal for me to buy advertising on your show within 60 days of the election because of mccain-feingold, but there is another way to go about it. its neil cavuto inc. its and $1 million contract -- its neil cavuto inc. debts and $1 million contract -- if neil cavuto inc. gets a $1 million contract -- neil: is your dad going to campaign for you? >> we have four fund-raisers scheduled in texas, and he will be there. neil: how about in kentucky? >> we have not made a decision. we would like him to come. he is a big draw. i cannot do this without him.
4:39 pm
i think history will look kindly on what he is able to do, but, also, i need to be my own person, and i need to not just be seen as the son of ron paul? but also not to run away from it. neil: he is kind of like a rebel, the thorn in the side of many people. >> i distinguish myself. neil: they are all on balance. >> yes, and i will be voting against quite a few people -- they are all on balance. -- unbalanced. i have been 220 counties in kentucky, and i have yet to be one primary voter -- i have been 220 counties in kentucky. -- to 20 counties in kentucky. the rules are very hard for any third party to run. i think people do blogger for
4:40 pm
independence, and when i tell people that i am not going to judge issues as a republican or democrat, they sit up and listen, because a lot of my patients are democrat. neil: you can join an elite group. doctor, thank you. >> thank you for having me. neil: if you do not like health care, congress wants to have you drafted out -- ratted out. to lower your
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4:44 pm
if you will, and how to overcome them. >> you do not think i and that cold hearted, do you --and she relates some victim issues. neil: this can be a long interview for you. your point is what? that we have got to go slow with this bank? >> my point is when i was out of work, i hit because i had some money, not enough to have a lavish lifestyle, but it kept me going fine, and it was not until that atm ballots was dwindling that i said, "snapped out of it. -- until that atm ballots was dwindling -- atm balance was dwindling. neil: what were you doing? >> it was 10 months, and i was
4:45 pm
eating haagen-dazs. you have to be out of work through no fault of your own. the beneficiary is about $700 a week, but the benefits they are receiving is just under $300 a week, so it is like a drop of 60% in pay. it is not like we say, "we will not get a job. we will just take on employment ." neil: your argument is that, yes, it is not like what you had, but it does foster dependence -- we would just take unemployment which we would just take -- we will just take unemployment." >> if you're taking that money, you're obligated to be hustling, looking for a job. neil: how do you do that? >> you find the blessing and not
4:46 pm
the kurds in the fact that you are unemployed. do anything you want to do -- then you find a blessing and not the curse. neil: should there realize that whatever they are going for is going to be paying them less -- should they realize that? >> for some people in maybe. not necessarily. you never know. it depends on the industry. for some people may be. some people go online, and they say, "no one is calling. i submitted 100 resumes on monster." if it did not work last week, why would it work this week? quality matters. called carl -- cold call. neil: you have to have more stick-to-it-ness.
4:47 pm
>> there are a lot of ideas in the book about making money from home, strategic volunteering, doing things for you can gain immediate experience, gagne skills to put on your resident, -- gain new skills to put on your resume. neil: i agree with you with everything except for the haagen-dazs. a great book. thank you. a great author, good advice for all of us. all right, you had better not bitch about the president's health-care plan. pasteurized processed cheese product? (lou gentine) or natural cheese slices? at sargento, our deli style slices are always made naturally. sargento.
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persnickety people. exceptional cheese.
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neil: all right, do not like
4:51 pm
government-run health care? you had better watch what you say about it, because the government is watching you. the house czar is asking to have any disinformation reported to the white house. i do not understand this. what are they doing? >> well, the white house has asked citizens to fort emails from their neighbors and friends that have what they considered to be misinformation about the health-care plan -- has asked citizens to form emails. neil: if you do not like it, they are going to glean as misinformation -- has as citizens to forward emails. what response that you got? >> nothing. this is troubling. it is also potentially unlawful. the privacy act prohibits the government from collecting
4:52 pm
information on individuals that are engaged in their first- amendment rights, but they are doing it anyway. neil: i am knowing that i am not the sharpest will, -- the sharpest tool, but they say that they have to counter this perception that they are going to drop private care. i am not saying it is true, but they want to hear all of these arguments and challenge them, and maybe if they collect them, maybe that is how they do it. what do you think? >> well, i guess you can say that, but they really do not have to look a very far. just go to a local congressional town hall, and they are getting the same questions. neil: now, i am beginning to wonder if all of this is too little, too late, if we are seeing from quinnipiac and
4:53 pm
others that support for this is falling -- they are trying to pick up the pieces, but it might already be broken. >> they are also try to persuade not just the public but members of congress that the protests they are encountering are all made up and paid for, which is not true. i think it is spotty. they are urging people to call the republicans and stop all this negativity -- i think it is funny. neil: everyone's view of negative depends on it -- thank you very, very much. >> thank you, neil. neil: which reminds me. i see a pattern here. folks of all political stripes should be very worried, everywhere. . .
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4:57 pm
critical so it dismisses fox news, and doesn't like the annoying town hall protestors, so they dismiss the protestors. if you can't shut them up, you all but lock them up. i don't like this administration's approach to criticism, especially on this healthcare thing f you raise questions about their bid for healthcare, they automatically say you don't want healthcare, and you say not true, just your healthcare, they say you're photostat us quo. if you say not so, you don't like the status but you really don't like your plan, you're sinister. if you ask that all are covered, which is a key goal they picked, well you're dismissed. if you dare speak up, you're part of the setup. your rage is fake and you're a fake. i have seen it before. tea parties weren't about taxpayers teed off but protestors all but bought off.
4:58 pm
tea partyers themselves reduced to snide sexual innuendos and some racist. i will say it again, i think it is not the color of this president's skin but the thickness of it and the thickness of those around him, especially those hell-bent on healthcare their way or the highway. democrats are are in the majority and free to pull their weight but they can't blast those even in their party who resent their pulling rank, because the rank is not all in file on this. some democrats themselves are reason tired of this, of questioning one's pate patriotism if one dares to question their goal, or one's intentions at double-checking their math. this isn't about red or blue but seeing things in black and white. this isn't democrat or republican. this is us. after all, we pay the bills. pay us some respect. we have heard you out. now hear us out. to dismiss our criticism
4:59 pm
criticisms and laugh at our agenda, to understand that our agenda is your agenda, right, to do something better without making something worse, so when we fear the latter, prove us to that you're better without saying that our cause or protests or lessened. you haven't lost support because people hate you. they just have been listening to you. now a quinnipiack poll out today confirms what i have been telling you. not mobs, not clueless manufactured idiots. they're not clueless. they're concerned, not bought and paid for, just curious how we pay for what you bought. that doesn't make us pathetic. that makes us something else. patriotic. free to speak. just like you are obliged to listen. with the stuff that you have been saying, you have ticked off everybody now, even astroturf makers. when you say that

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